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Perfect Love Pet Grooming, LLC

Perfect Love Pet Grooming: Welcome

Our Way of Doing it right!

      Committed to Service


       Our hours of operation are: 

Monday through Saturday from 8:00am - 5:00 pm


                       Phone Number:  (520) 620-9250                   

We are a full service grooming salon offering all breed type grooming as well as cat bathing and shaving.  We offer nail painting, hair color, plaque cleans for your pets teeth, mud baths, hand scissoring and specialty cuts including Asian Fusion. 

We use all natural ingredients.

          We have, unfortunately discontinued our mobile grooming services at this time

               We now offer Boarding and Day Care for your convenience

This is our style, a no rush, no stress atmosphere


Clean and safe bathing areas


Three large fenced in areas to run and play


We are ready, willing and able to pamper your pet!

Perfect Love Pet Grooming: Projects
Dog Grooming

A Little About Us

The Pet Groomers you can depend on

Perfect Love Pet Grooming, LLC opened its doors on July 14, 2016.  Being always attentive to the dog or cats needs means clients can have complete confidence in the one providing those services. With a focus on LESS STRESSFULL GROOMING, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction.
We have proved that it is very important your pet gets the same groomer every time so they will be able to form a bond with that individual.  With your continued support by calling in advance for your groom or re-scheduling your appointment before you leave we can continue to make that happen.

Perfect Love Pet Grooming: About Me

Large fenced areas with lots of parking!

Perfect Love Pet Grooming: Gallery
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What We Do

Where your pet always comes first and is groomed with Love!

We are a full service dog and cat grooming and boarding salon. We use only natural shampoos and conditioners which are made with the health of your pets coat and skin in mind.  We do a blueberry Spa facial, check the anal glands and express if necessary, cut and/or dremel their nails, clean their ears, provide whatever cut or style you desire, and you are offered to pick a colonge of your choice, all for one low price.

 When you bring your pet in you can count on them either being with their groomer the entire time or they will be allowed to run and play with the others if that is your desire. 


We will give you an idea as to how long the groom might take and we will call you when your pet is done, that is why we ask that everyone makes an appointment.  If you need to bring them in early or if you are unable to pick them up right away, just let us know in advance.

Celesse and Luna
Perfect Love Pet Grooming: About

We are here for you and your pet

We are here to provide the best possible service for your pet, keeping in mind that they are living, breathing, feeling little kids who you cherish and love.


Bernese Mountain Dog.jpg

Always Prepared

You can always count on Perfect Love Pet Grooming, LLC.  We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the Pet Groomer you choose. That’s why we invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have. You get the results you deserve because we spend the time necessary to listen to you and make sure we understand what you want. 

Shot records are required. 

If your pet is in urgent need of grooming and does not have his/her shots, we will sequester them for everyone's safety.  That holds true for pets we find any ticks or fleas on as well.  

Bath only dogs start at $40 

Bath and haircuts for dogs start at $50

Bath only cats are $80

Haircut and bath for cats starts at $100

The size of your dog and the condition of the coat will determine the cost.  But we will always be upfront with you.  We do offer military discounts for grooming services.  Discounts vary with each groomer.



No Crate Facility

We also offer no crate boarding and daycare at Perfect Love Pet Grooming, LLC.  Your kids are allowed to run and play in any of our three large runs outside and of course are always welcome to assist us with our duties inside our large facility.  Sleeping arrangements are determined based on individual needs and will either have their own room or area or can sleep in a pack.  Medication is no problem, just give us instructions and we will take care of it.  We have cameras throughout, so we can monitor at any time day or night.  We also have someone living on site for further protection.

Because of the fact that we don't kennel, we are unable to accept for boarding or daycare any dog aggressive dogs at this time. We offer a free 'meet and greet' if you are not sure.

Shot records are required for every ones safety and we ask that those are sent to us prior to your desired boarding visit. You provide their food with detailed feeding instructions.

We can also board your feline friends.

Boarding rates:

$35.00 per night per dog 

$30.00 per cat.

Day Care


No Crate Day Care

Do you work long hours and your dogs are home alone?  Do you have a new puppy or new dog who needs some socialization, or does your canine friend just need some fun and exercise every now and then? 

We have the place for you, your kids are free to run and play with all the other day care, boarding and grooming dogs.  We have toys and chews for them to chew on and play with, treat times and exercise equipment for them to play on.  Shot records are required for the safety of all pets. 

Daycare rates:

$20.00 full day 8am-5pm

$10.00 1/2 day any 4 hour period

Perfect Love Pet Grooming: Services

Small Dog Nail Trim: $10

Medium Dog Nail Trim: $12

Large Dog Nail Trim: $15

Xtra Large Dog Nail Trim: $15-$20

Anal Gland Expression Only: $15.00

Cat Nail Trim: $15

Clean Feet: $8 (Small) $10 (Medium) $12 (Large)

Handling fee for very difficult or biting dogs/cats ( usually take two Groomers)  Starts at:  $5 - $10

Dematting fee for very matted pets:                                                                     Starts at   $5 - $10

Deshedding fee for pets who's coats are in extremely poor condition:               Starts at:  $5 - $10

Handscissor Fees                                                                                                 Starts at:  $5 - $10

We are unable to accept pets in heat for our grooming, daycare, or boarding services.

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